Winning Top Rankings in Many Target Countries

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In the highly competitive world of online marketing, securing a top spot on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is the ultimate prize. It’s an achievement that requires tremendous hard work, carefully considered SEO strategies and content creation.

For one of our clients, a company selling industrial heavy machinery, the goal was to target a basket of keywords in several markets worldwide. 

It is a highly competitive niche industry with a very small target audience but a high ticket value per conversion. The estimated value of a sale and the LTV(Live Time Value) of each potential customer is in the hundreds of thousands of USD.

We realized that it was impossible to run Google Ads as the search volume needed to be higher for global targeting. 

What we did?

  • Our SEO work commenced with on-page optimization for important pages on the site to send a signal to Google regarding the niche keywords.
  • Next, we built robust SEO-structured content and created topic clusters for the most important keywords.
  • Created a layout for internal linking between pages to allow a smooth flow of SEO equity to power pages where conversions happen.
  • As we started winning the top position for the relevant keywords in the home market, we expanded our research to other targeted countries. This was done by creating country-based SEO landing pages and linking them to the primary service pages. 
  • Establish EAT(Expertise, Authority & Trust) by building the author’s bio (renowned personnel within the sector) and linking it to the blogs. 

The results

  • Google started showing more trust in the client’s website, which was evident with it, winning top positions not just locally but in other target countries too!
  • The website ranked number 1 in some important global markets like the UK and Singapore. 

The increased visibility worked in the client’s favour, and the site generated multiple new leads and conversions!

moved up in ranking in the past 28 days

reinforce position by creating targeted content

The results and their impact on our client’s business growth testify to the importance of the right SEO strategies.  💪💪

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