Impressions increased by 4.8M since the last post 3 months back!

This is an update to one of our previous case studies (Click here to read). 

As mentioned earlier, we started working for an online pet food store in Singapore in April 2020. 

In our first year, we helped in migrating the client’s business from a “.sg” domain to a “.com” aka global domain to help them achieve their goals of global expansion. 

Impressions increased by 4.8M since the last post 3 months back! 1

Quick synopsis of previous challenges and what we did

Their online store which was on Shopify platform, did not allow us much flexibility in terms of optimizing the site.  The limitations prompted us to focus on other SEO levers, such as building content, site authority, etc. 

  • We helped improve their site’s EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) by getting the articles reviewed by a nutritional advisor. 
  • Included FAQ into various product pages to improve product page ranking, and increase conversion by answering concerns of potential buyers.
  • Worked on keyword research for product & collection pages to help improve their organic performance and rank for relevant keywords.
  • Improved user experience (UX) on the product category pages.
  • Continuous content creation to help rank for non-branded keywords that help boost their brand visibility on Google.
  • Optimize their GMB (Google My Business) listing by uploading pictures every week with captions containing keywords to improve local presence.

As a result, the site saw a tremendous growth in impressions, clicks, CTR, organic users and transactions between April 2021 to June 2021 (Shown in the results below)

tremendous growth in impressions

Current update

During the last three months, we focussed our SEO efforts on:

  • Understanding the change in searcher’s intent towards certain keywords, and modifying the content accordingly. 
  • Posting blog content to educate the market on new keywords that were trending within the niche.
  • Added new product images where relevant and linking them to appropriate transactional pages. 
  • Making continued efforts to improve the EAT of important articles.
  • Layering existing content with latest information and market updates to make it useful for the searchers. 

Here’s how the numbers have continued to grow in the last 3 months (since our last post)

  • Impressions grew from 2.2M to 7.07M
  • Clicks grew from 71.6K to 193K

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Site impressions increased by 4.8M

As earlier, the client’s site continues to grow strong and they continue to put their trust in SEO and our team! And that’s our motivation to keep doing our best!

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