A big leap in impressions and revenue growth of nearly 200% in two months!!

Yes. We did that!

Check out how!

Our client is a local bakery that was ranking only for branded keywords but wanted to get more love and appreciation on Google while taking their business online. 

We kick-started the SEO project in July and soon realised that we had some challenges to conquer. 

We realised that to rank for non branded keywords, we had to compete against industry giants. 

Not an easy job, since the website was new and lacked authority and content.

We also noticed a 403 Forbidden Error which prevented the homepage from being indexed on Google.

A big leap in impressions and revenue growth of nearly 200% in two months!! 1

Our strategy

This is what we did to generate some “quick-wins”:

  • Since the website was focused on selling cakes, we decided to use long-tail keywords that were highly relevant to their product. 
  • Updated the meta tags of all the important pages to help them rank for relevant keywords. 
  • Highlighted the brand’s USPs.
  • Created 3 new pages to target transactional cake delivery keywords in specific locations with high search volumes.  
  • Resolved the 403 Forbidden Error with the website developer.

Additionally, our user search showed that a good number of people were looking for recipes. This inspired us to create a cake recipe page to specifically rank for the informational recipe keywords.


Since the start of our SEO Malaysia project, the site has been ranking for many important, non-branded keywords.

  • With the launch of more pages containing quality content, the website now ranks for many “money” keywords.
  • For example, in just 1 month since the launch of the delivery pages, the website ranked for keywords such as “online cake delivery klang valley” and “cake delivery penang”.

launch of the delivery pages

  • Within 2 months, the website was ranking for many long-tail keywords that are highly relevant. In fact, it’s outranking the industry giants for some of the queries!

outranking the industry giants
no1 no2 page of queries
no2 queries

The icing on the cake

These improvements led to an increase in sales generated by organic traffic. The client was mostly relying on the sales generated from branded and paid traffic before the SEO project. 

The number of transactions generated from organic traffic increased up to 160%, leading to 199.8% increase in revenue.

organic traffic increased up to 160%

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