eCommerce Site Revamp that Resulted in 1113% Impressions & 190% Clicks

Our client, an ecommerce website in the electronics industry, wanted to migrate their e-commerce website to a new platform to enhance user experience and drive sales.

The risk of SEO performance dips during such a significant change was a major concern, as it could potentially derail their online presence and negatively impact their bottom line.


Clicks surged

Impressions skyrocketed

This is what happened within two months of implementation:
  • Impressions skyrocketed by 1113%
  • Clicks surged by 190%.
  • Increased customer engagement and sales.
  • The website is also ranking for many variations of the targeted primary keywords.


  • A comprehensive SEO audit, pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of the old site and creating a roadmap for the migration strategy.
  • Mapping and implementing page-by-page 301 redirects, guiding search engines and users to the new page locations.
  • Conducted keyword research to list the most crucial primary keywords (combining primary entities with their closest attributes).
  • Realigned keywords with the most relevant new URLs, optimising key on-page elements to adhere to the latest SEO best practices.
  • Optimised content by revamping product descriptions, images, and category pages with intent-based informational content.
  • Mobile optimisation to ensure compliance with Google’s mobile-first indexing.
  • Created and implemented comprehensive topical maps to gain authority for relevant keywords and their semantic variations.
  • Created fresh content that aligned with the searcher’s intent.
  • Established a strategic layout for internal linking to ensure a strategic flow of SEO juice to the key pages.
The client’s successful platform migration underscores the power of a well-executed SEO strategy. By prioritising SEO every step of the way, they not only preserved their online presence but expanded it exponentially!
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