Boosting Impressions and Clicks by 133.57% and 85.1% in 6 months!

increase in clicks

We’re excited to share another insightful SEO case study from our client, a leading aesthetic clinic chain. We kicked off our SEO services for them in January 2023.

Our Strategy

  • Detailed analysis of user behaviour and query semantics
  • Developed a query hierarchy path based on search intent
  • Conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most important primary and secondary keywords. 
  • Created a detailed topical map to win for relevant keywords and their semantic variations.
  • Created high-quality, informative content that was published regularly. 
  • Implemented topically optimized and logical URL hierarchy
  • Prepared a layout for internal linking between pages to allow a smooth flow of SEO equity to power pages. 


We started implementing our SEO plan in January 2023, and these are the results that followed in the subsequent six months:

  • The impressions increased by over 133.57%.
  • The increase in clicks was around 85.1%.
  • The website is now showing up as a major authority within its niche, ranking for all variations of the targeted primary keywords
  • Some of the most relevant keywords are now ranking on Page 1 and have also won some featured snippet spots on Google!

This case study is a testament to the impact of meticulous research, user-centric content, and focused SEO tactics in building topical authority within a niche!

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the results upon building topical authority within a niche

increase in clicks

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