Boosting Clicks by 455% by Becoming The Topical Authority in the Industry.

Impressions increased

We are back with another illuminating SEO case study that delves deeper into the nuanced world of topical authority and its undeniable influence on website ranking.

Our client is a renowned brand in Malaysia offering business advisory services to organizations in Malaysia. Our SEO services commenced in January 2023.

We began with the most important pages by optimizing meta tags with semantically-related phrases to send the right triggers to Google’s NLP algorithm.

The growth in impressions that immediately followed was, therefore, not a surprise. However, by February, the organic traffic started showing a dip. This was when we started rolling out our topical maps.

Our strategy

  • Detailed analysis of user behavior and query semantics.
  • Developed a query hierarchy path based on search intent.
  • Thorough keyword research to enlist the most important primary keywords (combining primary entities to their closest attributes) + secondary keywords (made of co-related queries and sequential queries).
  • Created a detailed topical map to win for relevant keywords and their semantic variations.
  • Published high-quality, informative content.
  • Created topically optimized and logical URL hierarchy.
  • Prepared a layout for internal linking between pages to allow a smooth flow of SEO equity to power pages.
  • Added expert bios to the site to strengthen EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).
  • Added structured data (schema) to add context to the content.


We started implementing our topical authority plan by around mid-March 2023, and these are the results that followed in the subsequent two months:

  1. The impressions increased by over 200%
  2. The increase in clicks was around 455%.
  3. Goal completions increased to 275.00% and goal conversion rate to 203.37%.
  4. The website is now showing up as a major topical authority within its niche in Malaysia, ranking for all variations of the targeted primary keywords.
  5. Some of the most relevant keywords are now ranking on Page 1 and have also won some featured snippet spots on Google!

This case study is a testament to the impact of meticulous research, user-centric content, and focused SEO tactics.

It reveals the transformative power of a well-planned and executed topical authority strategy!For more case studies, visit our website at

Impressions increased

increase in clicks

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