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At Growth Pro, we’ve learnt from both- failures and success.

Over the years, we’ve developed proven SEO strategies that include keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO content creation, on-page optimization, internal linking structures, local SEO, recovering from Google penalties, ranking for keywords, website redesigning, etc.

Check out how we applied SEO best practices for organizations in various niches to reach their goals and how your business can benefit from these!

Insightful SEO case studies that depict how we took over complex SEO projects and worked with clients to understand and resolve their pain points.

Follow these successful SEO case studies and learn the exact steps, tools and tactics we used to improve page rankings, grow organic traffic and drive conversions.

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How we Used Semantic SEO Strategies to Increase Traffic by 1400%

We’ve been implementing this ultra-advance SEO for our clients for many years now. Needless to say, the results have never disappointed us (or our clients 🙂).  Before we discuss the specifics of the case study, let’s understand how Google understands a piece of content on a website.  Semantic SEO in a nutshell Google utilizes semantic analysis to understand human language to provide accurate search results. Its understanding of semantically related queries improved with algorithms like Hummingbird and RankBrain. While traditional