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Over the years, we’ve developed proven SEO strategies that include keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO content creation, on-page optimization, internal linking structures, local SEO, recovering from Google penalties, ranking for keywords, website redesigning, etc.

Check out how we applied SEO best practices for organizations in various niches to reach their goals and how your business can benefit from these!

Insightful SEO case studies that depict how we took over complex SEO projects and worked with clients to understand and resolve their pain points.

Follow these successful SEO case studies and learn the exact steps, tools and tactics we used to improve page rankings, grow organic traffic and drive conversions.

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What Are Entities, And How Do They Impact SEO?

Google has been inclined towards entity-based search results since 2020,  indicating a clear shift in its ranking strategies.  SEO (Search engine optimization) is slowly shifting its traditional ideology where links and keywords were the top priorities of an organic campaign. Entities are the new concept that search engines have been investing in.  It is, therefore, integral to understand what entities are, and their relationships in order to know how they impact rankings.  The idea is to see your content as

Strategies to Win Valuable Organic Traffic in a Hyper-Competitive Industry

Our client is a site that provides services in the finance niche- accounting, taxation, corporate secretariat consultancy, etc. Since they are based in Singapore, the world’s financial hub, we knew that the market would be hyper-competitive.  This meant that we had to carve our own space when fighting for big money keywords that some of the top sites were easily ranking for.  What did we do? We decided to start with what was most crucial to get the ball rolling.