30+ SEO Case Studies, Examples and Success Stories

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At Growth Pro, we’ve learnt from both- failures and success.

Over the years, we’ve developed proven SEO strategies that include keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO content creation, on-page optimization, internal linking structures, local SEO, recovering from Google penalties, ranking for keywords, website redesigning, etc.

Check out how we applied SEO best practices for organizations in various niches to reach their goals and how your business can benefit from these!

Insightful SEO case studies that depict how we took over complex SEO projects and worked with clients to understand and resolve their pain points.

Follow these successful SEO case studies and learn the exact steps, tools and tactics we used to improve page rankings, grow organic traffic and drive conversions.

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Spot and Fix Keyword Cannibalization and Duplicate Content

So a big website owner came crying to us for help. He worked with an SEO company for 8 months and started accepting guest postings on his site. In the June 2019 core algorithm Google update (4th June), his site traffic practically fell off the grid. From our initial site audit, we found that the SEO company had been building loads of new backlinks from “spammy” and unrelated topics. They had also been adding content onto his site without properly

555% Growth in Total Impressions and Clicks in Just 2 Weeks After Removing Toxic Backlinks

See what happened when we took over this client in the charts below. For results filtered only for Google Malaysia, clicks from organic search results increased 513% and total impressions jumped by 500%. For global results, clicks sky-rocketed by 422% and total impressions increased by 555%. The number of new keywords indexed in Google increased by 300%, just in Google Malaysia’s database alone. So, what did we do for our client? Optimized meta-headers on their site pages Migrated the site

Almost 120% Increase in Page Rankings in 3 Weeks With Proper Keywords

Previously, we onboarded a new SEO client and based on our holistic and foundational strategy, migrated the site to a much faster hosting, set up an SSL and did some internal structural changes to the site. After a detailed audit, we sped up the site load speed from 8.6 seconds to 2.6 seconds by putting in a CDN, browser caching and database optimization. After that, we did a thorough keyword analysis on all their main pages and found that they